If you would like to make a donation to the HopeHealth AIDSWalk but cannot attend the event, please click "Donate" to be taken to our secure Paypal account. You can donate at any level you like.
How your donations help
AIDSWalk donations fund a variety of essential programs for our HIV/AIDS clients. Here are some ways our case managers have utilized funds:

"This client of mine is a devoted mother and very hard worker. When her car broke down, she was beside herself because she could not afford the $250 repair and was afraid she would lose her job. We were able to help her pay for the repair, which allowed her not only to keep her job and support her family but also to continue to come to HopeHealth for really important medical care. For many folks, $250 is a small sum of money, but for my client, it was a make-or-break situation. I'm glad we were able to help her make it rather than letting it break her."

"A lot of my clients lack a support system of family and friends, and the holidays can be a tough time for people who are alone. One of my favorite parts of my job is giving clients Thanksgiving baskets of food to take home. A basket full of good food is a small way to say, 'We care about you,' and it really warms my heart to see how much it means to some of my clients who need our help."

"We have some limited funding from other sources that helps pay for things like taking GED classes, but when that runs out, HopeHealth is sometimes able to step in to cover the cost of textbooks, tuition and other schooling expenses. We really try to instill in our clients that education can be life-changing, and it's wonderful to be able to support that statement with the funds needed to help them achieve their goals. Whether it's completing a high school diploma, learning some basic computer skills or improving literacy, education really can make a big difference in our clients' lives."

"One area that outside funding falls short on is eyeglasses. Ryan White funding will help with emergency eye care to prevent infection, but for simple vision problems, we really struggle to find help. One of my clients is legally blind, and walks everywhere he goes. If we had money to give people like him eyeglasses, their quality of life would increase tremendously. Imagine trying to find your way through the world without good sight and without the means to buy a pair of glasses. Glasses are such a simple thing and yet unattainable for many of our clients. If we could raise money to help them get glasses it could make all the difference for them."

These are just a few ways your donations can help.